About LALIZAS | 30+ years Marine Equipment manufacturer

LALIZAS is a company that manufactures marine equipment and stands as a leading firm in the European market with over 30 years of experience and expertise in marine safety equipment.

One of LALIZAS' major assets is its innovative marine products, which hold the leading position in the global marine market, regarding marine safety equipment and thus expanding its brand awareness. LALIZAS manufactures and distributes in the global market over 10.000 products of marine equipment, life saving equipment and miscellaneous items directly related to various sea sports and activities.

Our product range of marine safety equipment includes:

Marine equipment production procedures:

LALIZAS manufactures and provides its customers with high quality marine products at competitive prices. All products are designed and manufactured in the headquarters, with the strictest control and highest quality standards, and then distributed to all the branches.

In this way, the company keeps the prices competitive but most of all, controls the production procedures under the ISO 9001 verification and product quality, in order to meet the standards set by international bodies such as Germanischer Lloyd, Bureau Veritas and Lloyd's Register.

Other marine product categories:

  • LALIZAS | Company Presentation
    LALIZAS | Company Presentation

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  • Boat Compasses

    Boat Compasses

    Compass Sport X-21 Bulkhead Mount
    It is the ideal compass for a refined and discreet look of the boat’s bulkhead. Its high quality construction enables it to operate even...

  • Switch Panels & Accessories

    Switch Panels & Accessories

    Switch Panel with Conventional switches
    LPS 4 has been designed for the control of various electrical items on a boat from one position. It is a four-switch panel,...

30 Years LALIZAS

In a country surrounded by sea, dealing with the blue horizon means endless opportunities through every waterway, commercial carrier, fishing professional, pleasure boat enthusiast, as well as each individual water sport practitioner. Growing up in a country like this, may be the reason why the "sea familiarity" instinct represents a significant part of Greeks' DNA.

So naturally, Mr. Stavros Lalizas former sailing champion, 30 years ago, started a small family business in Greece. Through the years, the small family business became renowned, turned into a multinational company and ultimately associated its brand name with "safety at sea"...

"I never forget where I started from; though, I always keep in mind where I want to go"
Stavros Lalizas
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LALIZAS considers its people as the most valuable asset for its strategic planning, policies, values and vision. Therefore invest in its people at all organization levels and constantly aims to further development.

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